How to Have a Merry Flatshare Christmas!

Home is always where your fondest Christmas memories will be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some merry Christmas memories from your flatshare in the big city! Every year, more and more people in flatshares celebrate flatmas, doing Christmas dinner with all the trimmings as a flat before everyone goes home for the holidays.

But just like Christmas at home, celebrating Christmas in your flatshare can get a bit stressful if you’re not careful. So here’s five tips to make this year’s #flatmas tweets the cutest #flatmas tweets ever tweeted. Merry flatmas everyone!

Definitely Do Secret Santa

A good flatmas will go on for hours. As champagne flows, and courses fly on and off the table, it’s important to have one climactic moment of Christmassy joy in your flatshare.

Secret Santa is the perfect way to achieve this. Presents are always exciting, and everyone having something to open is the perfect way to bring a focused moment of flatmas magic to your flatshare celebrations. Plus the unwrapping is great camera fodder.

Divide the Money, not the Labour

Basically, someone in your flatshare will fall into the Mother Goose role. Flatmas was probably their idea in the first place and they probably think they’re the best cook. Just let them do it.

Cooking in a team is always a huge stress. Remember Master Chef’s relay test? Never goes well, does it. Let that be a flatmas lesson to you all. Too many cooks spoil the flatmas turkey. And if you feel bad that one person’s doing all the work, just buy all the alcohol, or make some starters!

Wear Xmas Jumpers

Flatmas is all about the moment before you dig into your perfectly cooked meal, where you’re all drunkenly grinning around the table and you know that you have to take a picture for Instagram with the famous #flatmas hashtag.

Obviously, at this defining moment, you have to all be wearing Christmas jumpers. There’s a lot of competition on that hashtag, so bring your Rudolph-spangled, Christmas jumper A-game.

Skip Breakfast

You’ll thank us when it’s time for desert and you’re actually able to get some of that delicious pudding into your mouth.

Have a Gently Burning Fire in the Background

But what’s that you say? You don’t have a fire in your flatshare? But then how will Santa get down the chimney??

Don’t worry – you can recreate the ambience of the homely Christmas fireplace using this exceptional three-hour video, complete with hisses, crackles and a man who stokes it up every now and then. Just play it on your TV or laptop screen during the meal! Christmas ambience sorted.

Follow these tips and your flatmas will be so good, you’ll look forward to it just as much as Christmas with your family back home.


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