Easyroommate is now Roomgo

Many of you know the name of our Easyroommate brand, it has quickly become a reference site for flat shares in UK. So why change the name to Roomgo? The site is part of a company that works in the field of house sharing in more than 22 countries.

We started in London in 1999 and we have gradually expanded around the world. The brand followed the same model in all countries using the word “easy” followed by the corresponding word for “room” in the language of the country. But since 1999, many things have changed and with the mobility of our users around the world, we realised that it was much more logical to unify everything.

Roomgo is our global brand

No matter where you are, Roomgo is our official brand and the best place to find accommodations or flatmates. Whether in Portugal, Spain, Argentina or Australia, you can count on Roomgo to find your room. So, if you have a room to rent or if you want to share an apartment, simply create an account on our website and launch your search!

What about my account on Easyroommate?

Nothing changes on your account. Your login details, ads, messages and membership will stay the same.

What is the core business of Roomgo?

Matching platform connecting people with spare rooms in their properties with people looking for a room to rent.

Our service is used by both individuals and professional landlords who are realising the increased earning potential that comes from renting by the room instead of whole properties. Shared living is fast becoming the normal way of life for students and professionals in the world’s biggest cities. We enable our community to find living solutions tailored to their needs.

What does Roomgo mean?

The idea behind the Roomgo name was something simple and easy to understand for users unfamiliar with the concept of shared living. Roomgo exists as 10 different brands around the world.

Find or post a flat on Roomgo

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