Savvy Flatshare Finding Tips for Couples

The savvy couple is well adept to the flexibility and financial benefits of sharing a house or flat. In fact, an increasing number of young couples are taking to renting a room in a shared house or flat with similar minded people. It enables them to live closer to their place of work and split rent costs in some of the UK’s most expensive cities.

But renting as a couple is not as straightforward as you would like. Some landlords don’t like the idea of about having two people share one room and may even demand extra rent. Similarly, some flatsharers dislike the idea of having extra mess and space taken up with an extra person.

So how do you find the best house or flatshare for you and your partner?

There is no magic formula, but these simple and effective steps can be the difference between a flat or house share made in heaven or a spare room in hell.

Search Smart, not Hard.

To avoid wasting time contacting rooms that won’t allow couples, look for descriptions that state “couples welcome” or “couples allowed”.

This way you’ll know how the landlord feels about letting the room to couples. It’s fairly normal for the rent to be slightly higher but it should never normally be more than double.

There’s also no harm in using Facebook and Twitter to search or spread the word that you and your partner are looking for a room to rent.

We recommend using our dedicated couples listing page which already filters out any rooms that aren’t available for couples.

It’s Good to Talk

If you find a room that ticks all the boxes for you and your partner then you need to be quick and send a message to the flatmates and landlord immediately.

It’s always good to cover all bases to get your message across. If they have left more than one way to get in touch then reach out to them using all until you get a response. Remember there will many other people trying to get in touch so you have to make sure you’re first in the queue.

Room hunting is a fast-paced game with the best rooms being snapped up within days, so if you see something you like – don’t delay!

See Before you get the Key

After you have spoken to the landlord or flatmates, book in a viewing to see the flat.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the place advertised is the same place you will be paying for. Under no circumstances should you send any money before you see the place and if a landlord questions this then we would recommend you stay well clear and move on to the next place.

You’ll also be able to get a feel of what it likes to live there and if you’ll be able to live easily with your new flatmates.

Get Prepped

Good preparation is paramount for anyone moving to a flatshare.

It’s important to ensure at least one month’s deposit in arrears are already saved as it could mean securing the perfect room ahead of the competition.

You should also be aware of your legal rights as a couple so you know exactly what the law says in case things turn sour. Check out this useful article by Savvy Woman which covers all the legal ins and outs you need to know before moving in together.

Finding rooms advertised for couples takes time. Cut hours into minutes with the Easyroommate dedicated rooms for couples listings page. 

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