Happy site users :)

“hey frank! just to let u know i got some digs sorted today…….within 5 minutes of upgrading, and with one phone call. how quick is that then?!!” Alan

“Hi Frank, thanks heaps, great site, flatmate moving in soon.  I will definitely use this site again, and have told many others about it too.”  Erin

“It should be me who should say thanks to you.  Will definitely recommend your web to anyone who wants sharing flats.” Gwen

“I have found a congenial person to replace my lodger who is leaving, and am just writing this to say what a help your website has been.  It’s so much better than advertising in a local paper or just putting a card in a window.  You have some control over who you contact and who contacts you and can filter out the desperate, the mad and the downright anti-social!  Keep at it.  You are providing a useful service.” Janettta

“Hi frank, yes I have now found a room thanks, the site worked great!” Alex

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    Hi easyroommate, I found a lodger on this site. Fantastic! I have used a couple in the past, but will deffo use easyroommate again in the future. I have recommended you to all my friends. Thanks again. Ros

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    Hi Frank! Found my new Home on easyroommate site in about a week. I am living with awesome housemates in nice area now and feel very happy. Thanks for your help! Will recommend this site to other people 🙂 Lee

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    hello and thank you for all your work as 2 days after becoming a premium member i found a very lovely place , people to move in with.
    this site rocks my world ….. keep up the good work..

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    Hi – found a room and moved in within 48 hours of registering an ad. What a terrific site. Thank you so much !!!!

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    I just wanted to thank you for such a great website. I signed up this past week, and within a few days found my new roommate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! : )

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