Another Happy Ending by Easyroommate!!

Another happy ending for one our users! Anthony who was looking for a room in Canberra!

Anthony wrote in to tell us about his experience using Easyroommate, he writes

“Hi there,

I am just e-mailing to thank you for the terrific piece of work which is this website. As I was looking for a place to share, naturally I tried to utilise as many websites I possibly could to help my search. I can honestly say that none of them compared to easyroomate in terms of functionality, user friendliness and quality of results.

I decided to become a premium member of this site by subscribing to the 30 day option with full expectations that I would be taking advantage of the 30 day guarantee. Imagine my surprise and delight when I successfully found a place with over a week left until the 30 days would expire.

Thank you so much once again!!!

Best regards,

Anthony D”

Congratulations Anthony! We love a happy Ending! Glad we could help!

Let us know your experiences, we would love to hear from you!

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