A Feast to Remember!!

With Christmas looming, is your flatshare preparing a feast to remember! Most households will be going with the more traditional meal you hear about at Christmas, a great big roast turkey/chicken/pork with roast potatoes, rice, stuffing, brussels sprouts, parsnips and lashings of gravy! Not forgetting Christmas Pudding! But traditions differ depending on where you are from, in France they eat Seafood, oysters, shrimp, lobster and champagne, Italy do fish meals and lasagna while in Spain they have a traditional dessert, mantecados and turrón, a kind of sweet biscuit/cake. If you do live in multi-cultured flatshare, what will you and your house mates be preparing this festive season to include all traditions?  We would love to hear from all our users about how you are preparing for the holidays, we hope you enjoy your holidays with your Family and Friends!

Happy Holidays from all the EasyroomMate Team!!

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