The essential guide to renting in London in 2017

Looking for a place to live can be daunting. This is especially true when it involves looking for a property to rent in London, the capital of the UK and undeniably one the world’s most popular cities. With nearly 8.7 million people living in the capital in 2017 and many thousands more coming here to work, study and for tourism, finding affordable accommodation might not seem straightforward at first. This Roomgo guide will help you find your ideal place to rent in London – one that suits your needs and your budget.

Why rent in London? Why wouldn’t you!

London is a place that does not really need introductions. One of the world’s most visited cities, it is a global financial, business, innovation and cultural centre. Incidentally, London is also one of the word’s greenest capital cities too – with nearly 47% of it classified as ‘greenspace’ and home to over 8 million trees, London is more of an urban jungle than a concrete jungle. Traditionally divided into North and South by the river Thames, the capital in 2017 is constantly evolving, with new developments, regeneration and restoration projects taking place all over the city.

Finding your perfect London bolthole

If you’re planning to rent an apartment in London, cost and location will probably be your main criteria. Despite being a capital city, plenty of cheap flats to rent in London are still available – you just need to know where to look!

 Those flicking through their first ‘Rent London’ search results pages could instead do well by visiting the London Rents Map site set up by the city’s Mayor. The facility is designed to give those looking for houses and apartments to rent in London an up-to-date visual price guide by the borough – simply pop in your desired area and a type of property you’re hoping to live in.

If you have (a bit of) cash to splash

Though traditionally one might assume that North of the river is a more expensive part of the city for apartments to rent in London than the South, in 2017 this really is not the case. Flatshare London is a popular option for those seeking the perfect balance between location and cost. Central London, of course, is the prime location to be if you like convenience and don’t mind compromising on space. Though if you plan on renting alone, it can get quite pricey for anything bigger than a shoebox-sized studio. Travel Zones 2 and 3 are the most in demand amongst those needing access to central London, be it for work or study. Prices here are quite reasonable given that you are right near all of London’s best spots, and you’ll be saving a considerable amount on travel costs. If, however, space and tree-lined streets are a must-have on your list, head further out to Zones 3 and 4. Here, it is much easier to find apartments to rent in London and flatshares are plentiful.

Property to rent in London on a budget – it’s possible!

With so many looking to rent a room in London, the demand is definitely higher than supply, so if you’re house-hunting in this part of the world, be prepared to act swiftly. Cheap flats to rent in London are particularly in demand as thousands flock to the capital for work.
East London probably boasts the biggest room-rental stock. Located next door to the glossy Canary Wharf, the smart Docklands offer excellent transport links and access to the city. Whilst the youthful and trendy Shoreditch is popular with those looking for cool as well as convenient and affordable places to rent in London. Still feel you’ve not got quite enough cash to rent an apartment in London? Whitechapel offers more affordable rents whilst still maintaining good transport links with the city.

Cheaper flatshare London options can be found, if you venture even further afield – Zones 5 and 6 offer excellent value for money when it comes to rent in London. The South London borough of Croydon might not have been the first choice of location for apartments to rent in London in the past, but this Greater London suburb is currently undergoing significant redevelopment. Sleek, purpose-built apartment blocks located right near the East Croydon train station, a major transport hub, are an ideal place to rent a room in London without breaking the bank.

And whether you already know where you intend to look for flats to rent in London or you’re still trying to figure out your perfect location for cheap flats to rent in London, let Roomgo help you find your new home in the capital.

To find out more about London’s individual, unique and thriving microcosms, check out our London Neighbourhood Guide.

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