The best student areas in Manchester

Manchester is a fantastic student city and one of the most popular in the world. In fact, it is the UK’s third best student city, ranking 23rd worldwide according to the QS Best Student Cities of 2017. It has a strong cultural vibe and worldwide fame, thanks to bands like the Smiths and Oasis, and the Manchester United football team. With over 85,000 students living and studying here, there’s no shortage of things to do and see wherever you go. But finding a place to rent is a crucial step for any student, so Roomgo makes it easy for you to find a place. All you need to do is decide on which area is best for you, so here!

Top student areas in Manchester

  • Fallowfield

When it comes to student areas in Manchester, Fallowfield is always at the top of the list – and with good reason. Located just two miles south of the city centre, this neighbourhood is home to thousands of students renting and flatsharing in houses or living in one of the eight student residential halls. Most students here are around the age of 20, which makes it a good place to start for your first year of university, especially if you’re one who likes to party. Fallowfield was built by and caters to student life with its pubs, clubs, kebab shops and wide range of cheap takeaway for easy meals and fun weekend nights out. When the week begins and you’re (somewhat) ready to head to class, you can take the bus for a short ride to your university. With such a vibrant student life here, you’ll want to search for rooms in Fallowfield on Roomgo.

best student areas in Manchester roomgo uk

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  • Rusholme

Just north of Fallowfield is the next popular student area in Manchester, Rusholme. This multicultur6+al neighbourhood is conveniently closer to the city centre and has very cheap student housing, which means more money in your pocket and travelling less to get to class on time. In fact, the universities are just about a 10-minute bus ride away along the main road. Here, you have supermarkets, restaurants, shops, cafés and parks to enjoy. Apart from the cheap housing and rentals, there is plenty of cheap takeaway along the famous ‘curry mile’ (Wilmslow Road), which will satisfy your craving for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Best of all, you get to see their bright neon lights flashing till the early morning hours, which means you can still get something to eat when you’re up late studying for finals or partying nearby in Fallowfield or even Oxford Road.

best student areas in Manchester roomgo uk
  • Hulme

Although this neighbourhood once had a questionable reputation, today Hulme has quickly been regenerated, making it popular with students, young professionals and families. The area is still being developed, which means more housing and available rooms for you to find on Roomgo. The biggest draw here is how close it is to the city centre and the University of Manchester – both just a 15-minute walk away. It’s also home to the recently opened MMU Birley campus. Although you won’t find many pubs or clubs in this neighbourhood, you’ll still find cafés, local shops, a community garden centre, the Cheadle Hulme Shopping centre (which includes a giant Asda) and other places mainly along Stretford Road and Princess Road. There’s also the Manchester Aquatics Centre with an Olympic-sized pool if you fancy a swim, and a thriving arts scene at the Zion Arts centre where you can tune into your creative side.

best student areas in Manchester roomgo uk
  • Didsbury

A little bit more on the pricier side, but very trendy, is the Didsbury neighbourhood. Didsbury isn’t just one area though, it is made up of three parts each with their own vibe: East Didsbury, West Didsbury and Didsbury village. Although it is five miles away from the city centre, this student area does not disappoint when it comes to dining and shopping options. You’ve got coffee shops, bars, independent shops and restaurants all lined up along Burton Road in West Didsbury, while top-end chains dominate in Didsbury Village. If you are looking for a day trip on the weekend, East Didsbury has its own train station. There are sporting facilities and plenty of green spaces all throughout for when you need to sit back and take a break from that busy student lifestyle. As for housing, you’ll find a good variety of places on Roomgo from modern flats to rooms in Victorian houses along tree-lined streets and quiet roads.

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  • Oxford Road

Stretching from Rusholme to the city centre is the famous Oxford Road. Though technically not a traditional student area like others on this list, this street is well worth considering because of all that it has to offer. Oxford Road is one of the best student areas in Manchester because it is in the centre of Manchester’s nightlife – the latest parties, the exciting nightclubs, numerous bars to keep you busy all throughout the night. It’s also where you’ll find the Manchester Academy music venue to listen to the latest bands/musicians live and close to the LGBT area on Canal Street. A very big perk of living here is having both Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester right on this road as well as all the shops, takeaways, cultural venues right at your doorstep. Often said to be ‘Europe’s busiest bus route’, Oxford Road has been redeveloped to be more bus, pedestrian and cyclist friendly to make your commute a whole lot easier. But if you feel like taking a break from that busy student/nightlife, Oxford Road Station is just up the road for an easy day trip out of town.

best student areas in Manchester roomgo uk

Whether you are looking for a place where you can party hard or someplace quiet to study, there are lots of rooms in these top student areas and all on Roomgo.

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