Tips to Ensure You Secure Your Perfect Flat Share

Have you ever found the perfect place but it was rented just before you got there? If you are a longtime renter then you have probably had the perfect property be snatched from your grasp right before you were able to secure the lease. Follow these easy steps to ensure you get that perfect place before anyone else.

  1. 1. Start Hunting. Use every avenue at your disposal to find the property of your dreams. Use the internet to find homes and apartments for rent. Sites like will help find the right room or property as well as the perfect roommate. You may also want to do it the old fashioned way. Drive around the neighborhoods you are interested in living in to find rentals by owner.
  2. 2. Have Your Roommate Lined Up. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect place but not being able to rent it because your roommate backs out. Find someone who is reliable and ready to move in. This will save you a ton of heartache when searching for that perfect place. It may also save you from paying their portion of rent later on.
  3. 3. Contact the Agent or Property Owner Directly. Using a property manager or real estate professional is great but make sure you do some of the legwork as well. When they find you that perfect place, contact the property owner or manager directly – sites like EasyRoommate allow you to have direct contact with the property owner/existing flatmates, allowing you to open up the lines of communication so you aren’t waiting on someone else.
  4. 4. Inventory Your Stuff Before Moving In. When moving in with a roommate it is always a good idea to make a home inventory checklist. Inventory all of your possessions before you move in so when it’s time to move out you know what is your and what is your roommate’s.
  5. 5. Sign the Lease! Once you have found the place, got your roommate, spoke to the property owner and inventories your stuff it’s time to pull the trigger. Don’t hesitate or you may find yourself back on the hunt!


With these tips you will surely find the perfect place and ensure it doesn’t disappear from under your nose. Once you have moved in, you may want to consider protecting your valuable belongings. You can find cheap renters insurance online with a few clicks of a mouse. Good luck and happy hunting!

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    Make a list of the top 5 home/apartment you’ve search online and visit them personally to see the actual place because pictures can be deceiving and from there its up to you to make a final decision.

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