Searching for some spooky Halloween happenings in London? Look no further!

London is a city that is almost purpose-built for Halloween. With endless winding, dark alleyways, ancient buildings and castles, where ghostly sightings are reported on a regular basis, the atmosphere here is perfect for having the best spook fest.


Get into the ghostly spirit of Halloween early

Really early. On the 1st of October, London’s spookiest locations come to life with London’s Month of the Dead. These unusual and eerie events range from guided cemetery walks to embalming workshops or even visits to subterranean sanctuaries. If you partake, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of Insta-worthy shots and kudos from your mates!

Keep the ghoulishly festive spirit of Halloween burning bright throughout this ghostly season by heading down to the Old Red Lion Theatre, where London’s annual Horror Festival takes place throughout the second half of October. Be sure to come with friends though because you’ll need someone’s arm to grab onto when things get really creepy.


Weird and wonderful Halloween inspiration

Are you fond of all things weird and wonderful? In that case, the Hunterian Museum is THE place for you to find inspiration… and perhaps to freak you out a bit too. Located in the building of the Royal College of Surgeons, it boasts impressive displays of everything from dried-up skeletons to preserved monkey heads. Spend a few hours marvelling at the science behind the museum’s spectacular exhibition, and get ideas for some spooky surprises to make at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to prank your flatmates with a faux head in the fridge?

To celebrate in style, you’ll need more than just some props dotted around the house, though. Now that you are getting into the ghostly spirit of Halloween and your house resembles an abandoned and haunted mansion, you need to look the part too. Luckily, London is home to some of the best fancy dress shops out there. For some serious make-up (and we are talking latex scars and fake blood here), head to Angels in Bloomsbury. Escapade in Camden Town is one of the older establishments, providing a one-stop shop for all things gory and crazy. Or, if you’re after something funky as well as terrifying, continue in Camden Town — Chaos, amongst other local haunts, will have you kitted out and spook-fest fabulous in no time.

Sickly sweet eye candy — yum!

What Halloween celebration would be complete without some seriously tasty (and totally gross) food? Well, fear not if your wallet is home to more cobwebs than crispy banknotes, because the cost of wickedly delicious seasonal treats needn’t send you to an early grave! Get your flatmates together and be creative…

How about eye candy? You don’t need to beg your handsomest friend to walk around your apartment looking drop-dead gorgeous. Instead, head down to your local shop and get a packet of sweets that look like eyeballs to decorate cupcakes (they can even be shop-bought too because it’s the WOW factor that counts, not the baking skills, right?). Drizzle with some bloody-looking raspberry coulis and you’re all set to gross out and to delight.

Alternatively, search online for some almond fingers recipes. Meringue bones and sugar glass shards are really easy to create too.

As for decorations, plastic bin liners make for excellent spider webs, with minimal effort or cost. Then there are the traditional pumpkin lanterns, of course… but don’t settle for a classic toothy grin! Google a workshop for carving pumpkins near you and surprise your guests with a newly acquired skill.


Having a laugh is a must

On the spookiest night of the year, are you too scared to go on a night out or do you fancy embracing the fearsome atmosphere? London is a hotspot for party animals and the night of Halloween is no exception. Forget snuggling up with a pumpkin latte because most clubs and bars will have a themed evening. Head out, explore, and get spooked by the passers-by in their awesomely gruesome Halloween gear.

The Dead Doll’s House, located in London’s Angel, will keep you awake into the early hours of the morning with cool beats, musical howls and eerie decor. Seven Deadly Sins is probably one of London’s coolest events of the season, and a Halloween-themed ball is a spectacular and spooky feast of visual and auditory delights. However, be prepared to put some serious effort into your outfit, because you wouldn’t want to stand out like the sore thumb! Or do exactly that — a bleeding, crooked, gory thumb wandering the streets of London!

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