Renting a room in a family home — are you cut out for it?

When choosing a place to rent, it’s a balancing act between the cost, the location and finding a nice place that works for you. Renting a room in a family home can be a great way of making your budget go further, whilst also making sure that all your boxes are ticked.


It’s the space, not the wall paint

A family house has a cosy, homely feel because it has been lived in. The decor might not be to your taste, but you’re really only after one room. You need to be willing to look past the potentially questionable choice of colours. What is the actual room like? Will that space work for your needs?

Probably one of the best points about renting with a family vs. housesharing with peers, is that you’ll know beforehand who you’ll be living with. The dynamic of the place is already set and all you have to do is figure out whether it will work for you. Will you fit in with the family?

A family home is personal

The fact that you’ll be sharing a home with a family means that your landlord will be around quite a lot. Should anything go wrong or break you won’t have to wait long to receive a response or to get it fixed. However, you will also have to make sure that you show sufficient respect and consideration. It might just be a cheap place to rent for you, but for them it’s personal!

Family homes will often have better facilities than any other types of budget-friendly rental accommodation.  On the other hand, you may need to navigate your way around the bathroom rota so be sure to check that your schedule will work with theirs!

Ultimately, it is likely that this will be a cheaper rental option, and there won’t be any worrying about the bills — everything is usually included in the rent.

Moreover, you might even get some tea, coffee or toast made for you on the odd occasion! Now, who’d say no to THAT?

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    Moustafa Mabrouk

    I will be studing in buffalo NY. as a graduate student .. I am really considering renting a room in family house.. so any recommendations about the sites i should be looking at

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      I Will be studing in LoneStar for english course ,I am a 51 years old female, I Will Love stay in a family house.I prefer the woodlands ,spring or conroe área.

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