Moving is a Pain, but Packing Doesn’t Have to Be

No matter how you spin it, moving just isn’t all that fun, even if you are moving to a better city, apartment or with roommates. The process can be arduous and expensive, but with a few simple tips you can save yourself a lot of headaches this move by packing efficiently.

First, start off with some solid and sturdy moving supplies. These don’t have to be expensive but you should feel comfortable leaving your trusted possessions in these boxes for an extended period of time.

Second, enlist the help of friends for a packing party. Get some beer, pizza and pump up the music and make it fun.  Consider giving out a best packer award if somebody does an outstanding packing job.

Whether you are working with a professional mover or renting a truck and moving yourself, make sure to get multiple quotes at least six weeks out. As you get closer and closer to your moving date, moving trucks will be harder to come by.

Good luck with your move!

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