Money matters between housemates? Enter Payfriendz !

Enter Payfriendz ! When you live in a house share you can’t hide from money matters. We pay bills, we buy food and dish out the majority of our income to keep a roof over our heads. Adding to this list of monetary woes is that one housemate, present in every house share, who is utterly deserving of the title, “The Stinge”…

In this case we will call The Stinge James. After three years of cohabiting with fun-loving but extraordinarily stingy James, I have decided to share my tried and tested methods to ensure repayment. Behold, the 5 P’s.

Untitled-3The Polite Request

The first port of call. Be straight with The Stinge and ask them face to face.



The Persuasive Argument

A little time passes and you discover being polite gets you nowhere, time to hit them with your best rhetorical questions, emotive language and a good closing statement.


The Passive Aggressive Housemate

When being polite or persuasive doesn’t do the trick, do everything in your power to annoy The Stinge. Hog the TV, use all the hot water, finish off their cereal and push them to breaking point.

here is johnny

The Punisher

This is where you’ve reached the end of the line and enough is enough. Hide their food, swap their keys around and spread a house rumour. Let them know they’ve made a powerful enemy!



In fact, ignore all of the above. Cast aside your blossoming career as a trainee bailiff and skip straight to P number 5… PAYFRIENDZ! Payfriendz is a quick and easy way to send and more importantly REQUEST money between friends for free!

As a special EasyRoommate offer, every time you invite 3 friends to Payfriendz you’ll receive £12! Just register, invite your friends and when they sign up request your £12 from Team Payfriendz using #EasyRoommate in the message.

Happy debt collecting!




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