London’s Best Pie

Sometimes at EasyRoommate we write funny posts. But this is London’s best pie, for God’s sake, so no more messing around.  It’s time to get serious – very serious – as we find out just where you can find the best pies in London!

n°1 – Piebury Corner 

piebury corner

The halftime pie is a footballing standard up there with the likes of punching, crap haircuts and “Who are ya!?” So when you have a football-themed pie shop, you know they mean business. Based on an Arsenal FC pun (their old stadium was called Highbury), Holloway Road’s Piebury Corner is an incredible pie shop, serving excellent beers and proper mash alongside the star of the show.

n°2 – Cockney’s Pie and Mash

credits :
credits :

Pie in London doesn’t always mean 90 minutes of ball-based exertion. It sometimes means “alright guv’nor” and jellied eels. In Blitzier times, as U-boats starved Britain in submission, we used to have to dredge the Thames for protein-heavy slime worms and serve them with pie. Although the submarines have left the channel and we don’t have to serve eels any more, Cockney’s does it anyway. And thank God they do, because it is delicious.

n°3 – The Windmill

the windmill

Down in well-to-do Mayfair, the Windmill is the home of the posh pie. They do serve non-pie food, but these guys are dedicated pie enthusiasts. They have a Pie Club, a pie menu that changes every month and a dedicated pie room! These guys really do take pies seriously. As we all should.

n°4 – Rules

credits : rules

Rules bears the radiant glory of being London’s oldest restaurant. So if you want to see how people concealed poor cuts of meat within a pastry casing back in Jane Austen’s time, here is the place to do it. An English institution, Rules treats pies with the proper 18th-century respect, serving one of London’s finest steak and kidney pies.

n°5 – Jackson & Rye

jackson&ryeIt would be a serious faux pas to not include a dessert pie in here, and everyone has to admit that when it comes to dessert, Americans are sweetie pies. Try an all-American classic by getting Jackson & Rye’s pecan pie.

It really stands out on their menu; the decadent sweetness is offset by a tasty rye whiskey ice cream. While the ice cream soothes, the whisky cuts through the sticky syrup, taking you to pie heaven.

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