Living with 2 people VS 6: pros and cons

Renting, flatsharing or living with roommates all boils down to having to share your personal space with a bunch of strangers (or friends if you’re lucky!). This is where considerations such as how big an apartment to get and how many people to share the place with, come into the picture. If you are the type that’s always digging into your wallet lining for spare change, then finances will make the decision to opt for a smaller place. But whether it is a cosy (read cramped) or huge (read OTT) pad, deciding on the number of roomies can make the difference between heaven or hell on earth.


Living with two people

On the pro side, this can seem like the ideal complement to student life. You move in with your best bud or the love of your life. All practicalities are easy to sort out and the world is seen through rose tinted glasses and it looks so pretty! For the landlord, too, this is a good arrangement as letting to fewer people means less noise, fewer defaults on payments, lower consumption of utilities and peace on earth.

The downside to this begins if and when the rose tinted glasses crack. Having just two people together puts a lot of pressure on both to provide fun, balance, entertainment, divide cleaning duties, etc. If there is a falling out, there is no one else to act as a buffer ‘till things are back to normal.

Living with six people or more

Life is a party all day and all night when a crowd of great friends move in together. On the positive end of the scale, chores and cooking are done like magic. Getting takeout is easy because bills are split so many ways. Game nights and house parties really need no other invitees to make up the numbers. Financially too, the payments are very manageable because every individual’s contribution is proportionately small.


On the downside, flatsharing or renting with six people can get quite complicated unless it is managed with razor-edge efficiency. The activity and noise levels in the house can become unbearable for someone who is quieter by nature, or unwell and in need of some peace. If there are shirkers, the load falling on the rest of the crowd for everyday practicalities such as shopping for essentials, cooking and cleaning will be huge.

These are just the tips of the iceberg that can prove to be scenic or a tragedy zone.



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