Do You Live in One of the Most Expensive Cities in Europe?

Ever wondered if you’d be better off packing up, moving out and finding a new room in Barcelona, Birmingham or Brussels? You’re in luck. EasyRoommate are opening up their flatsharing database to bring you the most expensive cities in Europe.

The data – anonymously collected from thousands of EasyRoommate listings across the continent – reveals which major cities in Europe pay the highest rent for rooms in flatshares. The numbers, which come from the last quarter of 2015, show the average advertised cost of a room in a house or flatshare in pounds-per-month, across major cities in all EasyRoommate’s areas of operation. Here are the most expensive cities in Europe.

Can you guess which city stole the number one spot?

10. Madrid – £338madrid

9. Marseille – £349

8. Rome – £359


7. Milan – £411 Milan6. Lyon – £421Lyon

5. Cannes – £426Cannes

4. Paris – £450Paris

3. Reading – £538Reading

2. Oxford – £630Oxford

1. London – £743 Most expensive cities London

Shock horror, London keeps its top spot as the most expensive city for flatsharers in the whole of Europe. But it’s worth it, right? Just look at that beautiful Chicken Cottage in Seven Sisters! You could live above that for a mere £750 per month! Bargain.

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