How to Get Ready for a Flatshare Interview

Going for a flatshare interview can be a daunting prospect. It’s basically a first date with multiple people. So get yourself prepared with the help of our handy tips.


Be yourself, only a slightly polished version

It’s natural to want make a stellar impression at any interview. But this isn’t for a job that you can go home from at the end of the day. This is for the place you’ll be going home to. You need to be able to relax totally and ‘feel at home’ in your new home, obviously. So get yourself into a sunny mood, smile, be polite, but in a flatshare interview it’s also super important to just be yourself. Dress as you normally would going to the shops.


Check your social media privacy settings

It’s probably not the best idea to let your prospective roommates cruise through your personal pictures/ posts/rants/memes on Facebook, as part of any undercover interview process. Not that you have anything to hide.


Mentally become the interviewer

This is a mutual sussing-out situation. A flatshare interview is equally about you assessing your prospective roommates, house and neighbourhood. Don’t be so focused on making a good impression that you forget to prepare your eagle eyes of scrutiny. Research the area before your viewing and walk around to sense its vibe. Make a list of what’s important to you about flat sharing and the questions you want to ask. Then don’t be afraid to ask them.


Make sure you meet all flatmates

So you met the charming Lucy and Angela, but unfortunately Bill was out? Bill may be just as easy-going and interesting. He may also bake muffins as a hobby, meaning a never ending supply. But he may also be a sociopath who cooks squid regularly. OK, so the latter may be impossible to glean from a brief conversation, but often you can tell if someone’s going to be really difficult to live with, or whether you’ll have any deep character clashes, just by meeting. Phone ahead to organise a time when everyone you’ll be flat sharing with will be at home.

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