Finding the best flatmates is all about planning

Finding your ideal housemate can be a bit of a tricky task. Ideally you would like to find someone who fits in with the vibe of your house – friendly, thoughtful, tidy and pays their rent on time.

To guarantee this happens, one of the first things you will need to do when searching for your new housemate is to decide who is the best flatmate for you – would you like someone quiet and reserved,  a sports fanatic, or the life and soul of the party?

It is all very well interviewing potential housemates during the selection process, but in order to ensure that you are being cost effective with your time and only showing your home to people who would be a good fit in your house share, we have a number of tips to ensure that only the most suitable people apply to view your room:

1. Write a detailed description

Remember the more details the better, increasing your chances of finding the perfect flatmate for your house

2. Include a lot of pictures

Include the maximum number of pictures possible and don’t just include pictures of the room. Upload images of the rest of the property – kitchen, living room, fellow housemates, to let all potential housemates know exactly what to expect

3. Make sure you fill out all criteria

When signing up to Easyroommate make sure that you fill out all criteria requested. Taking the time to fill them out guarantees that all of the results you receive will be tailored to your requirements

Finally, don’t forget to have a look at our Flatmate Agreement, its an essential new way of setting up a fun and co-operative household environment by setting in place additional rules to prevent future disagreements.

Best of luck hunting for the best flatmate!

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