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We are always looking for new ways to positively increase our users experience on Easy Roommate when needing to rent out their rooms.  This past week we have updated our system to allow you to post up to 8 photos on your advertisement, versus the 4 that were previously allowed.

Some people may ask, “Why do I need photos, isn’t the information on my ad enough?” and unfortunately it most cases it is not.  The internet has spoiled its users into expecting visuals to accompany the information they are reading.  There are 2 major reasons to include photos on your room for rent advertisement.

The first is the most important, those searching for a room and looking through the rentals online are more likely to check your advertisement if there are photos posted.  Room advertisements with photos have more eye appeal in the landscape of room ads.  A nice, clear photo will catch someone’s eye more than a paragraph of text.

The second reason is almost as important when trying to rent out your room, it dispels the horror stories many have heard about finding a roommate.  You’ve heard this before, someone see’s an advertisement that sounds great, all new and renovated, and they accept it sight unseen (we don’t recommend this by the way-you should always try to visit any place you are considering).  When they arrive, nothing is like it was described in the ad, or mentioned in your communications with the renter.  Adding good photos of the interior of your home will instantly show all potential renters how you maintain your home and the condition it is in.  Big selling points when you’re competing with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other renters trying to find a roommate.

Photos are sweets for the eyes when using the internet, that’s why their everywhere.  Give yourself the best presence when advertising and add photos to your advertisement on .  Keep in mind, we do recommend interior photos only.  You don’t want potential renters knocking at your door unexpectedly because they recognize your home from the exterior picture you posted.

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