How to be the best flatmate ever

When it comes to flat or house shares, finding the best flatmate can be an arduous task. So, if you are looking for new roomies or want to wow your current flatmates, here are a few awesome things you can do.

1. Tidy up after yourself


Unless you and your flatmates are hoping to appear in an episode of How Clean is Your House, picking up after yourself is a given. Nothing will make your roommate blow their top like piles of dirty plates, mouldy cups and mess. For extra brownie points, wash up after you have all had a meal and take the bins out before they are overflowing.

2. Make them a cuppa in the morning


A cup of tea can build bridges, appease, and make a massive difference to those dreaded Monday blues. So, treat your flatmates to a warm beverage before work and they will view you as kind and considerate. Nobody is suggesting you start your own café at home, but a bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way.

3. Spend time with your flatmates


Date nights aren’t just for loved-up couples or close-knit friends. Taking the time to enjoy the company of those you live with is a great way to get to know your flatmates, and to have fun. Find out what they enjoy and try to arrange nights around that. A few drinks and a good DVD, computer games, or even cheesy music and dancing — these are all great ways to break the ice and bond with your roomies.

4. Spruce up your space with homely touches


Homely touches are a great way to transform your living space. Don’t worry, you don’t need to get Laurence Llewelyn Bowen round or spend a fortune on wallpaper. Little touches can make a shared house more welcoming. Avoid doilies and tea cosies though! Instead, opt for pretty flowers, a framed print, scatter cushions and a matching rug, fairy lights or some nice house plants.  It’s the little details that change a crash-pad into a home… helping you to be crowned best flatmate ever!

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