5 Ultimate London Hangover Cures

The Sunday morning hangover struggle is real. Here at EasyRoommate we feel your pain. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of five fab places for hangover cures in London.

1. The Dove, Broadway market

the doveSat smack-bang at the heart of Broadway Market, The Dovethis 20-something year-old pub serves up fantastic brunch, lunch and dinner menus. They pride themselves on their meat-free options, claiming to offer half their menu meatless. Customers can enjoy quinoa chilli pot with spinach flat breads or Belgian beer battered ‘fish’ and chips. Tofu wrapped in Nori with mushy peas and tartar sauce. Yum.

2. Daddy Donkey, Leather Lane market, Holborn

daddy donkeyLooking for the ultimate hangover burrito to help you sweat out your self-inflicted pain? Daddy Donkey is the place. According to the Guardian, “Burrito slinger Daddy Donkey is so popular that it needs barriers to manage the queue during the lunchtime rush…”

3. City Càphê, The City

Work in the City and enjoy the weekly Thursday night frolic? Friday lunchtime, get yourself to City Càphê for a French-Vietnamese baguette filled with marinated pork, lime, lemongrass, chilli, a caramelised honeyed sweetness, and aniseed hints of star anise. Just the thing to have before you go back to see your children in the Home Counties for the weekend. What happens on Thursday, stays in the City, right banker guys?

4. Porky’s, BOXPARK, Shoreditch

Porky'sPulled pork sandwiches, amazing ribs and juicy tips. What more could you ask for? With branches in the heart of Shoreditch, Camden, Bankside, Crouch End and Chelsea, there’s probably a Porky’s near you. Unless you live in South East London. Well, there’s always Deliveroo, right?

5. Maedah Grill, Whitechapel

maedahMaedah Grill Turkish food is spicy, smoky, juicy and delicious. We can’t recommend the lamb shawarma enough.

Sorry, hangover – this is where it ends.

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