The ultimate hangover guide for flatmates on New Year’s Day!

You had the time of your life last night (well, from what you remember!) but your liver is going to make you pay for it this morning. Never fear! We’re here to help you out with our ultimate hangover guide for flatmates.

Wash it away…

When you wake up, you’re probably going to want to weep (and you’re pretty sure you’d cry vodka) but don’t linger too long in bed. Get up and have a shower. A good scrub will wash just a tiny bit of that hangover away! At the very least, you’ll feel slightly more human. Sleepy but sober !


Movie marathon…

Hangovers were invented as an excuse to sit around in your pyjamas watching movies and box sets back to back. It’s a fact! Ok, it may not be a fact, but it’s definitely one of those guilt-free hangover pleasures. Pick some of your favourite films, snuggle up on the sofa, and nurse your hangover with a dose of Netflix.


Be prepared…

Make sure you have plenty of snacks, food and cold drinks in the house. If you’re very organised, make something the day before and then pop it in the fridge to share with your flatmates. Just think how smug you’ll feel when the hangover hunger kicks in and your pasta bake is ready to take out of the microwave in just a couple minutes!


A breath of fresh air…

We’re not suggesting you hike up Ben Nevis, but an afternoon stroll will do wonders. Wrap up warm and head outdoors with your flatmates who were also drunk on New Year’s eve. Whether it’s a 5-minute stroll around the neighbourhood, a trip to the park or, if you’re feeling brave, a drink at your local, getting some fresh air is going to help to make you feel better. If you really can’t face it, just take it in turns to stick your head out of the window!

giphy-31You may not spend New Year’s Day feeling 100% but you can ease your pain and make that hangover haze a little less daunting! Result: You 1 – Hangover 0.


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