UK’s top cities to rent in for work and study

Consistently ranking as one of the best countries to live in, the UK is ‘topping the charts’ once again, in the most recent report produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The country sees many thousands of people travel here for work, study and tourism every year. And whilst the capital is the obvious hot-spot for those looking to improve their academic profile or further their careers, the country offers plenty of truly excellent opportunities outside the capital too. Renting in the UK is a great way of exploring the many career and study options that are on offer here. EasyRoommate property and roommate finding service makes it easy for you to pick the best of them to help you make the most of your chosen path.

Best UK cities for top pay rates and affordable professional renting

If your job search is focused around your salary, then you won’t be surprised to hear that London tops the list of best-paying cities in the UK. With the average salary approaching £45k, your expenses though will be pretty hefty, too. Renting costs, however, do vary across the capital, and it is possible to snap up a pretty swanky room to rent for a reasonable price, if you’re prepared to travel a little. 

When living in the capital is not a priority and you don’t mind a small drop in your salary in return for much more favourable rates for renting in the UK, the top towns to consider are: Crawley, Slough, Reading and Aberdeen. According to the recent report by the Cities Outlook, other top UK earner locations include Oxford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Derby, Luton and Edinburgh. Flatshare options and spare room rental are popular choices in all of these destinations, so head over to the EasyRoommate search facility to find your perfect coop in a top-paying UK location.

When it comes to the cost of renting in the UK, some cities are so popular with tenants that, despite receiving a lower paycheck, you may well find yourself forking out London rental rates. Oxford and Cambridge, for example, have rental properties that are at the same price level as properties in the leafy London suburbs of Zones 4 and 5. Overall, according to the Valuation Office Agency, rents in the northeast of the country are about one third of those in the capital and the south. Kingston upon Hull tops the cheapest UK rental costs list, with other budget-friendly locations Burnley, Stoke-on-Trent, Barnsley and County Durham, following closer, to name a few.

Best UK student rental cities

The UK’s best universities list, somewhat predictably, starts off with the all-time favourites Cambridge and Oxford, according to the Complete University Guide 2017. The London School of Economics, Imperial College London and St Andrews University complete this Top Five Universities list. The prestige factor attracts students from all over the globe, and naturally, the cities in turn become some of the more expensive locations for renting in the UK. If a Top Ten University degree is what you’re after, but paying top rental rates is not an option for you, Durham University is definitely worth considering. With some of the country’s lowest rates for renting in the UK, County Durham may well be the perfect location to start your search.

The UK’s most affordable five university cities are Glasgow, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Coventry. Surprisingly, London made it to the Top Ten most affordable student cities for renting in the UK, according to the QS Best Student Cities guide.

Most fun UK university cities

University years, however, aren’t supposed to be just about studies and budgeting. If you like to ‘live a little’, here’s our shortlist to consider:
London tops the list once again. Here, excellent education is perfectly balanced with fun, culture and an opportunity to have an excellent social life. Though rental rates might make a bit of a dent in your budget, you can always supplement your income with a part-time job – pay rates here are the best in the UK. 
Consistently topping a number of Best Student Cities lists, Newcastle is lively, welcoming and … well, often quite tipsy. The local nightlife and bar scene effortlessly propel it to the top in the UK for social life (according to the Student Experience Survey).

And if cheap rent, a good education, a great social life and plenty of funky bars to unwind in after lectures are still not enough, perhaps Nottingham will be your UK’s top place to rent. Named by The Independent as the ‘horniest in the country’, this university city just might surge to the top of all Best University lists very quickly.

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