Top 8 flatmates resolutions for 2017

Resolutions can be tricky as it is very difficult to achieve them the whole year. We know that January is the worst time to give up nice food and drink: it’s cold and depressing. Welcome back January blues. Luckily, if you take resolutions to make your houseshare stress-free living, you won’t be alone in your fight. Many people would be involved since it’s for the best for everyone. Here are the top 8 flatmates resolutions for this new year.

Be more eco-friendly


Keep the spirits of Pocahantas in you. It’s time to do some savings in your increasing energy bills. Don’t forget to switch off the lights before you go to bed. Is it difficult to count the times you’ve been running a bath? Well it is time for your houseshare to be more eco-friendly. Stop hurting Mother Nature.

Stop stealing cheese

giphy-3You really need to stop your mice habits. Although the smelly cheese in your flatmates’ cupboard coming straight from Paris looks very delicious, it is time for you that you bought your own cheese. French cheese are expensive enough in the capital, there is no place for sharing when it’s the last of someone else’s item.

Have regular drinks/dinners


Having these regular home dinners could not only save you money, but it also makes you spend more time with your flatmates. It is crucial to hang out often with your ‘family’ so you can learn to know them better and understand why they were so obsessed with stealing your cheese in the first place…

Work out TOGETHER twice a week


“A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody”, used to say Beyonce in her song “Move your body”. Make this sentence your motto for 2017 in your houseshare.  Roommates who work out together always stay together. It is the best way to commit to this classic resolution.

Be more tolerant of your flatmate’s sex life


From time to time, your roommate can be very demonstrative in her sex life. Ok let’s say it, she is a  screamer. But active sex life doesn’t have to come at the expense of having a good relationship with your roommate. This year try to be more tolerant of the porno noises. Restrain yourself from freaking out because we know for sure that you were doing the same often…

Have a rota for cleaning


Yes we mean it. Trade household chores. Make sure that EVERYONE, even your shy flatmate, has taken the trash out or at least has cleaned the common spaces at least once a week.

Be entrepreneurial : think big, think ideas, think money


Take action! If your home buddies are broke, what about getting together and start your own company? It can be something small or you start a new food business like five flatmates did with The Little Yellow door bar/restaurant. Create a real working business plan to make this resolution work. It will benefit you and your new pals at the same time.

Just get along with your flatmates


Try to be on the same page with your new ‘family’ until the end of the lease. Even if it is temporary, it will make you feel so good when you get along with your flatmates. You’d know who you live with and won’t waste your time trying to avoid each other because you’d feel too tired to make conversation.

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