How to throw the best New Year’s Eve party without wrecking your flat share!

It’s party season and everyone loves a festive shindig. However, if it’s your flatmates playing host, it can also feel pretty stressful. Nobody wants to spend the night patrolling for spilt drinks, or the morning after scrubbing muddy boot prints on the carpet! Don’t worry though, because we’ve got some great tips to guide you towards a fabulous New Year’s Eve party without all the anxiety.

If your name isn’t down, you’re not coming in…

giphy-32Make sure your party doesn’t turn into a stampede by keeping an eye on numbers. After all, the best guest lists are exclusive! If it’s a shared party between housemates, work out just how many people you think your place can comfortably host. Divide the number of invites amongst yourselves and… voila… a fair and responsible way of planning your event ! To make it easier, use the application Guest List Organizer to manage your guest list.

No-go zones…

Besides limiting damage, no-go zones are a good way to keep prying eyes out of your knicker drawer! Work out the spaces where you are happy for guests to wander and linger. Communal areas like the kitchen and living room may get the green light, but you might want to close off bedrooms. Safely store anything valuable in one of the off-limit rooms. That way you know that your prized Ming vase (or maybe, more realistically, your new Xbox) is safe and sound.

Plan ahead with some useful products…

giphy-26Just a few extra items on your shopping list could help give you peace of mind. Unless you’re going to make everyone drink out of lidded baby cups all night, let’s face it, there is a chance of the odd spill. Stains can be a pain to get out, but squirt a bit of stain remover on straight away and you shouldn’t have a problem the next day. Also, consider buying paper plates and plastic cups — no washing up (bonus!) and no breakages.

Now that you’ve protected your property, you can focus on the more exciting part — the party!


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