How to Share a Flat with Your Best Friend and Live Happily Ever After

Sharing a flat with a best friend may seem like the most logical and enjoyable way to live, but that is not always the case. It could be an absolute dream, or turn into your worst nightmare!

The Dream

Never be lonely again

Get ready for evenings and weekends of pure fun. Imagine the sheer delight of spending every moment at home with the person you like the most!


Save a ton of money

Moving in with a best friend does wonders for those purse strings. Need a quiet place for a serious heart-to-heart? The living room sofa is right there! You can save a fortune on phone bills because those long giggly chats can now happen over dinner.

Clothes and make up are all communal. Grocery shopping become hilarious adventures!!


The Nightmare

Discussing practicalities can ‘kill’ the friendship

Best friends are meant to laugh, play pranks and have fun together. However, having serious discussions every day about the practicalities of life can sometimes kill the fun. Unfortunately, the flat won’t clean itself whilst you are watching a movie. No matter how hard we wish food essentials don’t magically appear in pantry and refrigerator shelves. These daily chores can quickly sour relationships and fray tempers.

Money matters

Treats, eating out and buying gifts are the cornerstones of a great relationship with a best friend. All this can change when two employed friends are living together and money gets tight.  Things get even more complicated when one of them is an irresponsible spender and sponges off the other for essentials such as bills and groceries.


All-important alone time

Not matter how much you love your best friend; everyone needs a moment alone sometimes, which can be tricky if your friend constantly wants to be social. Add in the issue of a boyfriend or girlfriend staying the night and family coming to stay and you could find yourself in the flat sharing equivalent of Piccadilly Circus!


You have to be careful about who you choose to embark on this flat sharing adventure with- you don’t want to ruin a friendship.  But, with some open and candid discussions, flat sharing with your best friend can really be a dream come true.


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