How many roommates have you had?

There are many people that have had multiple roommates living with them throughout the years.  Inevitably, these renters would have some good stories, as well as some not so good stories.  One of these renters is one of our own EasyRoommate members, Freda Amsel, who has been renting rooms in her home for many years, and has amassed many stories.  She has taken her years of roommate experiences and published her stories in her just released book “87 Roommates….And still counting”.

In her book, Freda recollects all her past roommates and the stories associated with them.   Some very good, and some that one would rather forget, but none the less, they all make for a good read.  So if you in the mood for a funny, fast reading book, pick up a copy of “87 Roommates….And still counting”.  You may just find yourself relating to Freda and some of her many roommates.

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