Help! My roommate is drunk on New Year’s Eve Parties

Nowadays, it’s easy to plan the perfect party on New Year’s Eve, but ensuring guests are on their best behaviour, especially when the booze is flowing, is not so simple. Here are a few tried and tested methods to deal with everyone, from the hardened binge drinker to the social drinker who lets go just one night a year!

Serve the basics

Start the party with lots of food, snacks or nibbles, and pass bowls and platters around incessantly, so that everyone has lined their stomachs. Also, always have some mocktails, juices or water available to keep guests hydrated.


Even better, keep the alcohol supply at the far end of the room, or even in an entirely different room of the house, to make it less accessible.

Spot the signs

Don’t wait until a friend is blind drunk at the party before dealing with their behaviour. Watch for early warning signs, such as reluctance to make eye contact, unusually loud or quiet behaviour, and feeling very cold or hot to the touch.


Take the party outdoors

If a guest is noticeably attached to the bar or a downing a bottle, steer them outside for a blast of fresh air. The breeze will bring a measure of sobriety and make them re-evaluate their drinking pace.


Swap liquor for water

When heavy drinkers are present, tell the bartender to get them mixers, non-alcoholic beers and cocktails mixed with lots of lemonade. Ask friends and roommates to keep tabs on anyone who seems to be headed for trouble. If they ask for a double, pretend that you can’t hear them above the music! Don’t forget to active the application Drunk Blocker, it will keep him away from  contacting his/her exes while being drunk.


Bring on the ‘tough love’

If a known over-drinker is speedily becoming worse for wear, give that friend a quick and private warning to get his/her act together or face the possibility of being in a taxi headed home!


A little bit of firmness and tact can go a long way towards making the party enjoyable for everyone. Cheers!

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