How to give a good flat viewing: the landlord’s checklist!

Ensure you get the best response from your property by giving a good flat viewing. With increased interest you’re more likely to be able to find the perfect tenants. Take a look at our handy hints for how to best present your property. It doesn’t have to look like the Ritz, but decent standards of cleanliness, décor and functionality are important when you want to attract reliable tenants.



If you already have people living in your property, this can be out of your hands. However, if you ensure to give adequate prior warning, your current tenants will have the time to tidy up. If your property is empty, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be clean, fresh and inviting. It’s worth the time or money it takes to do a proper deep clean in order to make the right first impression. A grotty house is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential renters. Also, how you hand your property over sets the standard – it’s more likely that your tenants will maintain the property well when their first impressions are of cleanliness and order.


Make sure any curtains are drawn to let as much light in as possible, and if you have the choice, schedule the viewing for daylight hours when the space will be naturally brighter. Know which lights and lamps to turn on to create the most relaxed and ambient lighting. Avoid harsh lighting and exposed light bulbs.



An area often overlooked by landlords, but that can have a bit impact on the psychological response to a place, is smell. However, synthetic air fresheners can be just as off-putting to some, also arousing suspicion that you’re hiding a sinister odour and deeper problem. Better to ensure the windows have been opened to give all rooms a good airing, and use either incense or burn essential oils if you want to add a pleasant fragrance.

Build a rapport

Prospective tenants are viewing your property, but they’re also looking to see whether you’ll make a good landlord. It’s important to build trust from the outset. Finding out about who they are not only builds a rapport that will help you should they move in, it also enables you to judge whether they’ll make good tenants.

shutterstock_43558789Research the local area

Tenants aren’t just renting your property, they’re signing up to a neighbourhood too. Being close to the action is often important to students and young professionals. Find out what places in your area are trending; the fashionable bars, pubs, arts centres and coffee shops. Be sure to let viewers know about them, as well as any other points of local interest. Know your local school and library. If your property is in a quiet neighbourhood, be sure to talk about it as a benefit. Even if you don’t use local transport, make the effort to know which buses, trams, trains or metro links serve your area and connect it to the most important places.

Know your property

If there are any idiosyncrasies about your property, let people know during the flat viewing. It’s far better to be upfront about them immediately than for your tenant to contact you about them once they’ve moved in. Showing that you’re intimate with every aspect of your property conveys responsibility and reliability. It will also help you to have a strong case should there be any damage that is contested in the future.

Know your neighbours

OK, it’s normal for people not to know their neighbours these days, especially in big cities. But people still like to know the profile of who’s living next door and will feel more ‘at home’ if you tell them who their neighbours are. Make sure you know so you can do your bit for building community spirit!

Make sure everything’s ship shape

Go around yourself and check all the taps, doors, bathroom, kitchen and windows. Speak to your previous tenants to get a list of those little things that only people who live in a property find out.

When it comes to letting, there’s one golden rule: a good home attracts good tenants. Being a landlord can be a breeze, when you’ve got the right people in. It all starts with a good first viewing!


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