Flatsharing: TV Series vs. Reality

New Girl vs. Real Life – Is anyone really THAT beautiful?


In the series: Each personality is uniquely beautiful, they have model friends and even Megan Fox’s flawless and fiery character falls for Nick Miller’s countless foibles…

In reality: Your flatmates seem to be part of a crew who all have “faces for radio”. And that one time the stunning sister comes round, you are well and truly friend-zoned

 Friends vs. Real Life Smelly Cat Smelly Ca… ENOUGH ALREADY!

In the series: We love all the characters’ charming quirks, like Phoebe’s strange song performances — an ode to a smelly cat and a shower song that literally narrates the soap-suddy process.

In reality: Running late for work (on the one day your boss decides to turn up at the office, of course) because you’ve listened to your flatmate’s horrific hour-long bath-time rendition of the (not so) golden oldies! And you thought there would be hot water left – better luck next time!  giphy-15

How I Met Your Mother vs. Real Life – Will they? Won’t they? Do we care?

In the series: Everyone’s lives are intertwined, and despite some hilarious hiccups along the way, best friends get together, break-up, then get back together again…  And is this at all awkward? Of course not!

In reality: Your flatmates are either showing no interest to form any sort of friendship or they’re invading your personal space… what’s worse is that in both cases you can hear everything they do through the paper-thin walls. #gross

The Big Bang Theory vs. Real Life – Who doesn’t love the magical cleaning fairies?!

In the series: Sheldon’s OCD is the source of some side-splitting moments, as well as the driving force behind the strict cleaning schedule and bathroom rota that keeps the flat sparkling clean and running like clockwork.

In reality: Nobody is that clean… Prepare for the building mound of bin bags by the back door, and crisp packets lying on the floor. You’re left wondering what colour the carpet was originally…


Well, it may not be a fairy tale (alas!) but at least you’ll have plenty of stories to tell down the pub – and maybe a bit of inspiration for the next big series!


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