Flatsharing fibs: the top white lies we all tell our housemates!

Ahh little white lies- we’ve all told them. Perhaps they’re key to a harmonious household? Here are the top white lies you’re bound to hear in a flatshare so you can play detective when you move in…

1. I didn’t leave 1 mm of milk in the carton!

The annoying moment when you discover you have just enough milk to make a Borrower or Stuart Little a cup of tea. We smell a rat… or should we say a mouse?


2. I didn’t make a washing up modern art sculpture in the kitchen! 

It would seem your untidy housemate could enter the Turner Prize judging by the weekly dirty dishes sculpture they’ve left on the worktop. But remember, don’t deny it if you’re the only one who ate spag bol last week and the dishes clearly have fossilised spaghetti written ALL over them.


3. I didn’t leave weird things in the fridge!

An interesting scientific experiment to see if you can grow a new living thing or simply leftovers from a month ago? Yes, we’ve all left things in the fridge by accident. No need to wonder what solidified milk looks like now!


4. I’m not hoarding things in my room!

The moment when you realise there are no teaspoons or mugs left in the kitchen as your housemate has been making a nice little collection in their room. Maybe they are considering a career as an antiques dealer or a spoons musician?


5. I’m not using your things!

Perhaps you just want to try out your housemate’s shampoo or you ran out of ketchup and desperately need some on your bacon sandwich. A housemate who says they are not using your things is probably lying through their teeth…most likely perfectly polished teeth after pinching some of your toothpaste!


6. I didn’t wake you up singing at 4am!

It definitely wasn’t me who woke you up at 4am re-enacting High School Musical outside of your bedroom door. Not me. Nope. Definitely not.


7. I didn’t put the heating on full blast and forget!

Must be the heating fairies!


There’s nothing wrong with a few white lies to keep the peace, but remember, as Mark Twain said ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything!’

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