How you and your flatmates can enjoy winter in style

Dark nights and cold days are on their way. However, while you might miss barbecues and lazy days in the sun, there is plenty about winter to be excited about. If you are lucky enough to have flatmates then you have live-in friends to share wintry fun with.

It’s party season

The countdown to Christmas seems to come earlier every year, but before you take out your advent calendar remember there are plenty more excuses for parties before Santa arrives.  Flat sharing is especially fun this time of year because as party season begins you will always have someone to enjoy it with.


The festivities have kicked off a week ago with Winter Wonderland. Whether you’re living the student life or simply finding your feet in a new place, roommates help to make this Christmassy holiday more fun. Sweethearts are on the ice-skating rink, drink lovers are sipping on the mulled wine.

But let’s be honest, for roomies and friends the biggest draw is off course the popular Bavarian Village where you enjoy live music entertainment while warming up with a hot chocolate. Be sure to secure a spot!

Don’t wait until NYE to enjoy fireworks

Even if you don’t have the space to build your own fire and set up a firework display, it won’t be difficult to find bonfires with displays locally. Round up your flatmates and head down to your local park or community centre. Organised displays and bonfires are usually much more impressive than the box of fireworks you get from your local supermarket. Just don’t forget your wellies!


If that’s not enough light in your life, you can always cheer up your shared flat with some fairy lights and new décor. Even if you are only letting during term time, some pretty prints, cushions and fairy lights can transform student digs from crash pad to home.

Winter can be dark but it doesn’t have to be dismal, bring it to life with fun, fireworks and costumes and you won’t just get through it you will actually enjoy it!

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