A flat share full of men…a woman’s survival guide!

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’. But can these two apparently different species live in perfect harmony? The answer is YES! Grab your compass and emergency blanket… or you could just read the survival guide below – Bear Grylls eat your heart out!


Don’t flat share with a guy you’re attracted to.

Initially this may seem like an amazing idea… think again! If you’ve mentally started picking out china sets and can hear distant wedding bells, think twice before moving in with this handsome stranger. This may be awkward for other flatmates and although you may think ‘eye candy can’t possibly go wrong’, what if you do get together and then break up? Do you really want to see him around the house with his new girlfriend whilst you’re belting out ‘All By Myself’ Bridget Jones style? Didn’t think so.


Be a relationship guru… not the reason for a break-up.

Get to know your flatmates’ partners, prove you’re not a threat. Who knows, you might become lifelong friends! When in a relationship check your partner’s OK with the set-up. If single, what better way to get relationship advice than from men themselves? They can decode love interests’ texts, giving an honest male perspective.


Be Prepared!

Know what you’re in for before moving in. Although your housemate may constantly get a bullseye in darts, it doesn’t mean he can aim at the toilet! Also, if you got a pound every time the toilet seat’s left up, you could probably pay your rent in a week. Of course this doesn’t apply to all men and the good outweighs the bad. Hate DIY? Your housemates may happily demonstrate their manliness by helping out. Unhappy with the flat’s cleanliness or late night video gaming? Be upfront, make a rota and set boundaries.


Feel free to add a feminine touch

Despite initial protests, your male housemates probably secretly love your cushions, fairy lights and fluffy towels. Don’t be surprised if you find them sneaking scented candles into their room and trying out your face masks.

Being the only woman in a male flat share may seem daunting, but as long as you set boundaries, know what to expect and get to know your housemates beforehand, men can be the best housemates ever!


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