The definitive top 5 list of superheroes you’d definitely want to flat share with

Do you sometimes wish you had more time to polish off that assignment? Do you ever dream that you could travel to university in the blink of an eye? Ever wondered what it would be like if your flatmates had extraordinary abilities? Well, if you shared a flat with one, or all, of the following top 5 superheroes, these problems would be a thing of the past!

  1. Spiderman

Need someone to pass the remote? Ask Spiderman (or Peter Parker as he’s known to his flatmates). With his web-shooter, he has the ability to reach things from far away without having to move off the sofa. If you’ve got a clumsy flatmate, rely on Spiderman’s superhuman reflexes and agility to grab that mug before it smashes.


His ability to climb walls with ease could come in useful when you need a light bulb changed, or even if you can’t reach the jar of Nutella your flatmate has hidden on the very top shelf. 


  1. Professor X


Having trouble studying? Just ask X for help. He is a professor, after all.  Not only does he have genius-level intellect, he also has the ability to read minds and project his own thoughts into others’ brains. He could be a big help if you want to know what’s inside the mind of your teachers, or even if you want to know the name of that guy/girl you’ve seen in the hallways. He can even cause temporary memory loss, which could come in handy if you’re desperate for your classmates to forget about that night you did karaoke!

  1. The Flash


Late for a lecture? No problem. The Flash is, without a doubt, the fastest man alive and, if you’re lucky, he just might give you a ride to university. With the Flash as a flatmate, you’ll always be on time. This isn’t his only superpower, however. Using his ability to run beyond the speed of light, the Flash can manipulate time. This is great news if you’re running behind on that deadline or even if you want a few extra hours in bed before in the morning.

  1. The Hulk


This may seem like a strange one, because who wants someone as big as the Hulk taking up all the space in your flat? But, think about it, the Hulk has unlimited strength. When you need some furniture you’ve brought from home moved upstairs, the Hulk would be there. When you can’t open that jar of pasta sauce, the Hulk would be there. Soon, you’ll come to think of him as more than a big, green space-stealer. Of course, he also has one of the greatest scientific minds on earth so, along with Professor X, you’ve got yourself a great study group.

  1. Storm

With her abilities, Storm would bring a lot to the flat, but also to the local area. Her power to manipulate the weather would mean it could be summer all year round, with just a few brief spells of snow (on the right occasions, of course.)


Not only that, Storm can also change the temperature of her environment, which means you’d save a wedge of cash on your heating bills and never have to worry about digging out a spare blanket in winter.


With Storm as a flatmate, you can say goodbye to frosty mornings. And finally, she can fly, which means that if the Flash is unavailable to give you a ride, you could politely ask Storm instead.

We can all dream about having a superhero as a flatmate, how much easier and more fun it could make our lives. But, alas, we must face reality. Being a good roommate is all about communication, boundaries and compromise. And, if you find someone like this, who you get along with, then it can seem like you really are living with a hero!

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