Combat the January Blues with Fun Flatmate Activities

Winter festivities are equal to fun and togetherness. But, sometimes the weather turns truant and does not permit even the windows to be opened, let alone a day out and about. Under conditions like this, the January blues can hit without warning, reducing flatmates to a dreary and bored existence. However, this need will not be the case with a handy list of fun things to do on cold winter days. Read on and be inspired!

Cook up a culinary storm


Tired of the same breakfast cereal, sandwiches and plain pasta dishes? Well, what better way to savour a cold day than with an amazing new recipe? Try an elaborate and satisfying fry up for breakfast, with all the trimmings you can lay your hands on.

Try new variations of old favourites, such as adding fruit to pancakes and the party with your flatmates will start on its own! Baking a cake or casserole are great ways of gobbling up the January blues too.

Schedule summer plans


Get a smart head start on all the last-minute panic and confusion by planning for the summer holidays with your flatmates (extremely early). What better way to make sure that the blizzard is out of sight and out of mind than to look at exotic vacation spots drenched in sunshine and surrounded by golden sand?

Nap or snuggle in bed


Most adults will have trouble remembering when they last had breakfast in bed or an afternoon nap. So, make sure to have some time for yourself too and rest from your annoying flatmate.  indulge in a day of reverting back to childhood and make use of the downtime to grab a luxurious snooze.

Make it even more special by not setting an alarm and letting your body wake up when it’s ready. Alternatively, spend the entire day in bed, except to raid the kitchen for food, or to pop to the door to pay for your takeaway.

Don’t miss tea time


Gather your family and flatmates to enjoy a tea party right at home, with formal china and tea-time treats, of course.

Charge up the living spaces


Moving furniture and paintings around can be a lot of fun for those interested in decorating. Clear up cluttered spaces in the rooms you are renting by packing up extra stuff. Rotate them with what is there already and it will feel like you’ve created a new space. Why not look online and read some blogs for inspiration? Breathe new life into the home, or even just a few rooms, and lap up the attention as flatmates and guests admire your creativity!

Get crafty


An artistic temperament can make the time tick by unnoticed when stuck indoors. Whether it is drawing or painting, knitting or making a scrapbook of memories, getting knotted up in wool and glue will make the day whizz by like an express train. If you have a flatmate  with similar tastes, this can be a great bonding activity too.

These are just a few cheap ways to beat the January blues. The key idea is to not have to step out of the warmth of your home and to spend your time enjoying the simple things in life!

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