How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a flatshare when you’re single


Don’t be jealous of other couples on Valentine’s Day. You may not have someone special to stare all gooey-eyed at this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. After all, you like champagne, chocolate and cuddles as much as the next person, right?! If Valentine’s Day usually has you reaching for the tissues or a bucket, we’ve got some great suggestions so that you can celebrate with your flatmates and get into the swing of things this February 14th!

Declarations of love…


You’ll find plenty of cards in the shops for ‘Someone Special’, but love comes in many forms, not just romance. So, celebrate the fact that you have LOTS of special people in your life and make homemade crafty cards with your flatmates… or for them, to let them know just how loved they are. Get creative making personalised tokens of affection for your friends and family, and crack open a bottle of champers to ensure you’re doing it in style.

Romantic Dinner… for 5…


There’s strength in numbers, you know. You don’t have to hide away this Valentine’s Day. Dare to face the loved-up twosomes and dine out. You may not be in a cosy couple but that doesn’t have to stop you from having a candlelit group dinner. Pick one of your favourite restaurants nearby and celebrate with your flatmates. Forget the microwaveable meals and treat yourself to something special. Go on, you all deserve it!

An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party…


It’s not like you begrudge them, their love and happiness… but do they really have to shove all these hearts and flowers down your throat?! OK, so maybe you’re a tiny bit bitter, but they make it pretty tricky not to be. I mean, being single isn’t that bad. Who says being in a couple, forever picking up socks off the floor with dull nights in front of the TV, is so great anyway?

Well, this year, refuse to stand for it and fight back with your own anti-Valentine’s Day party. Celebrate with your flatmates all that truly sucks about couples and what totally rocks about single life! Create a playlist of empowering kick-ass break-up songs to create the right atmosphere. If you want to go a step further, decorate your flat with black-heart wreaths and broken-hearts bunting (you get the idea). Couples who are equally tired of cliché consumerism are welcome to join in… just as long as they keep the public displays of affection to a minimum!



You don’t have to banish the boys to their bedrooms, but enjoy a celebration of your inner goddesses (or god) with some seriously indulgent pampering. Create a spa in the comfort of your own living room — do manicures and pedicures, put on face masks and be unashamedly girly. Alternatively, get a takeaway and watch your favourite films. The dress code: strictly pyjamas.  

Dancing Queen…


Who needs a partner to get hot and steamy this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s a salsa class or just some classic disco dancing, hitting the floor with your flatmates is always good fun. It’s a guaranteed way to get your heart beating a little faster without needing stupid Cupid.

Crank up the karaoke…


Whether you go out to a karaoke bar or stay at home, sing along to some of your favourite duets and love songs for a themed singalong night. If you’re feeling a little glum, this a great way to get the giggles flowing between you and your flatmates. For crowd-pleasing good times, nothing comes much better than cheesy classics!  

Secret Valentine…


Share the love with your flatmates and create a “Secret Valentine”. It’s just like “Secret Santa”, but a bit soppier! Put your flatmates’ names into a hat, each draw one out and then buy or make them a love-themed goody. You can leave your gifts outside their bedroom door for a heart-warming way to wake up on Valentine’s Day morning, or plan a special evening to exchange gifts.  

Love it or hate it, there’s no way of avoiding Valentine’s Day. So, even if romance isn’t on the cards this year, you can still feel the love with the help of our singles’ guide to Valentine’s Day.

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