Candlemas: learn how to cook crêpes à la Française

As you all know, the French have really figured out the art of celebrations based on food and drink. For example, not only is Candlemas Day – a.k.a la Chandeleur – a Christian religious holiday but it is also dedicated to eating crêpes . Not pancakes but C-R-E-P-E-S. So tonight, forget about your ordinary dinner and go for  delicious crêpes. Check out this recipe :


Step 1: In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and sugar.

Step 2: Add a pich of salt

Step 3: Pour the melted butter and the eggs into the bowl

Step 4: Stir together while adding the milk (progressively to avoid lumps)

Step 5: Finish with a little bit of rhum

Step 6: Get the pan really hot and pour a ladle of the dough for the test crêpe

Bon appétit!

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