Aussies vote on flatmates: the good, the bad and the unexpected

The results are in! Our mates Down Under recently voted who they thought would make the best and worst flatmates and what traits were most and least desirable. The findings may surprise you…

–       Unfortunately for Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, respondents voted that politicians would make the worst ever flatmate… Outspoken bad boy Charlie Sheen was voted a close second, with American mother of 14 and overnight celebrity, Nadia Suleman, also known as Octomum, rounding out the top three. Meanwhile, media mogul Sir Richard Branson was listed as the most desirable celebrity to live with, we wonder why…shout us a beer Richard?

–       Flatmates with benefits are few and far between. Sexual tension between flatmates is much lower than what many may suspect, with 61% of people saying they’ve never been attracted to a flatmate.

–       Bad hair days don’t seem to worry people with 65.6 per cent of people refusing to go into hiding from flatmates on a bad hair day.

–       The best flatmate traits were thoughtfulness (42.6%) and cleanliness (39.2%).

–       Not surprisingly, the least desirable flatmate traits were general grubbiness (37.4%), followed by poor personal hygiene (23.7%) and food theft (13.7%).

–       The city that is considered best for flatsharing is Melbourne (21.7 per cent), slightly edging out Sydney (20.8 per cent), followed by Brisbane (16.6 per cent) and the Gold Coast (11.1 per cent).

Do you agree? What are your most and least desirable flatmate traits?

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