10 Ways Landlords Can Use Social Media To Get Higher Rents And Better Tenants (Video)

We recently interviewed Cassie Hicks Kerr who’s a HMO but also a Jill of all trades: leading expert, property investor, business owner, speaker and founder of MMSpark, an award winning digital marketing agency. She shared with us her top 10 tips and tricks on how you can use social media to your advantage and get better tenants but also a higher rental income.

As an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) landlord, Cassie relies on Social Media for many things property related. Whether it’s finding tenants, looking for a new cleaner (‘’not always an easy task when you’re running an HMO!’’), keeping up with the latest legislation or networking with other landlords and investors, there are many ways social media can help you.

Here are 10 Top Social Media Tips for Landlords:

1. Create a Facebook page for your property(ies) so you can showcase your local expertise

2. When the time is right, you have a platform to promote your available rooms

3.  Share useful information about your local area or specialist knowledge as this positions you as an expert and will bring you more enquiries and referrals (the Easyroommate Facebook page is a good example of sharing useful tips and promoting rooms). Your tenants may appreciate tips on moving house or where to find the best pizza locally.

4. Use one of the free graphics tools to create eye-catching Social Media graphics. My favourites are either Canva or PicMonkey

5. Use social media as another way to communicate with your tenants (especially those tenants that are always losing their phones or don’t respond to emails!)

6. Social media groups are a great way to network with other Landlords. I needed a template for a new lease option agreement recently. Within 15 minutes of posting my request in one of the Facebook “property” groups, a template was emailed to me.

7. Keep abreast of new rules and regulations. As landlords we have to comply with many changes in legislation and social media is a great way to do this in a timely manner.

8. On the flip side, you need to be prepared to provide help and support to others. Give, give, give on social media – it always pays off

9. Use Twitter chats (e.g. #hertshour or #landlordshour) for to connect with others

10. And last but not least… have a bit of fun (social media is meant to be fun, right?).


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