10 last-minute Halloween Costumes easy to throw in group

Remember about 12 months ago when you swore that this year you would all plan ahead of time a group costume for Halloween? Well, you haven’t. If you find yourself panicking because you have waited until the last minute to come up with the best costume, check out these 10 group costume ideas.

capture-halloween1. Get some awwwwh with the Minions

You won’t scare anyone with this but with your fellow minions, anyone will like to give you treats!

What you’ll need: big classes, yellow shirts, black shoes and dungarees.

f64f14a6b88c489e9d66d20bf1ab120393c845aa2. Go as the coolest gang of Scooby-doo

Get your crew together and solve the mysteries of the night with the cast of Scooby-doo. However you might have to draw straws for who gets the dog … but you can’t go without the main character!

What you’ll need: clothes from your wardrobe to match with the characters, maybe a wig and a fake dog.


3. Come out of your shell as the Mutant Ninja turtle

Just like Rihanna did two years ago, get your pals together and dress up in green to be the bad ass Teenage ninja turtles.

What you’ll need: baking trays for the shell, spray and ribbons.


4.  Involve your family with the Addams Family

You won’t get any candy points for creativity on this Halloween classic but it’s the most easy group costume to pull off.

What you’ll need: dark humour and a lot of black, stripped socks for Wednesday.


5. The villain bunch with Suicide Squad

Team up with your six roommates to form this year’s hotly anticipated group costume. If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the outfit of Harley Quinn or the Joker, make up and dye spray will do.

What you’ll need: a lot of make up, wigs and masks (optional).


 6. The top secret men (and women) in black

This duo costume can’t get much more simpler and effortless. You have no excuses to dress up with your roommates. Get a couple of them and a cool/mystery attitude to pull off this costume.

What you’ll need: a black suit, white shirt, black tie and sunglasses. Yes, that’s it.


7. Be original with emojis faces :=)

This is the perfect group outfit that can accommodate any large squad. Your friends will love to go for their favourite emoji. There are many options, you  can’t go wrong!

What you’ll need: your imagination! it depends on the emoji face you chose.


8. Be heroic with the Powerpuff Girls

Band together with your feminist super heroes to battle evil people who will enjoy to give people an unforgettable scare.

What you’ll need: blue, green and red dresses, black belts.


9. Get spiteful with the mean Plastics

This is an easy DIY costume for your squad but one of the scariest Halloween costume. Remember those stuck-up Madam who enjoyed teasing you in college ? Well they are back to haunt you again….

What you’ll need: a naughty mind, dramatic attitude, heels, mini skirts and any combination of pink blouse you can find.


10. Dare the human hamburger

Not only it’s fairly easy to make but if it looks good enough to eat, you will get everybody attention in the streets.

What you’ll need: Go shopping for a pair of lettuces, salad, tomato, buns and burger or look at the instructions on Reddit.


Are you convinced yet? We have a last unique idea for you. Being in the UK, this last costume idea is so obvious that most people will definitively not think about it. Grab two, three friends of you and form the Royal guards to protect the Queen.

What you’ll need: anything royal, one color combination of dress, shoes, hat and coat, and a red uniform for the guard.


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