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Simply follow the link and complete a survey we prepared for you. Tell us what it’s like to live in a shared home in Australia. Help us to learn more about the common concerns and considerations our members face when looking for a new home or finding that perfect new flatmate!

The survey will only take couple of minutes and most of all it’s fun as we ask you about things that you will usually deal with in your every day flatmate life.

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  1. Adrian    Perth
  2. Vanessa    Sydney
  3. Gillian    Canberra
  4. bk    Brisbane
  5. Jon    Sydney
  6. Dai    Melbourne
  7. Sue    Perth
  8. Jimmy    Sydney
  9. Krystal    Melbourne
  10. Nathaniel    Gold Coast
  11. William    Melbourne
  12. Kat    Sydney
  13. Jess    Melbourne
  14. Fatema    Adelaide
  15. Debbs    Melbourne
  16. Rick    Sydney
  17. Rebecca    Gold Coast
  18. Ranthini    Melbourne
  19. Brett    Brisbane
  20. Ming    Adelaide
  21. Mark    Sydney
  22. Manika    Canberra
  23. Ross    Gold Coast
  24. Leo    Melbourne
  25. Babette    Sunshine Coast
  26. Lea    Brisbane
  27. Mike    Mackay
  28. Kerry    Melbourne
  29. Keiran    Sydney
  30. Katie    Shepparton


Adrian Perth
Vanessa Sydney
Gillian Canberra
bk Brisbane
Jon Sydney
Dai Melbourne
Sue Perth
Jimmy Sydney
Krystal Melbourne
Nathaniel Gold Coast

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    Kevin Sutherland

    Its not easy to find the right person to share with.
    Some are untidy, some late night party animals. And
    then there are sOme that are great and easy to live with
    it’s just easier to find the wrong people than the right people..

  2. Avatar

    PLEASE……read the WHOLE advertisement WHEN it is an ad you will answer!!! and DONT pay Money for a ROOM you Have NEVER seen …. To People you HAVE NEVER MET!!! if ANYONE asks Bank Info or for YOUR photo… especially if already a photo on your AD… ITS A SCAM (trick/thief/robber/internet FRAUD)… NEVER .. Pay BY WESTERN UNION!!!
    i have met 2 people in just a few weeks that have paid ONE $1500 (One Thousand, Five Hun dred Dollars) the Other $700 … leaving them No Money to move to a nice Place….. Be Careful!!! Ask a Work Or SchoolMate ADVICE if you Dont …are unsure what to do!!

  3. Avatar

    it is good to share with someone so we can meet new people and make them friends and if some is sharing so anyone can get mental support.we can kill our time to talk them.and in that way we can save the their are lots of benefits .

  4. Avatar

    I need a room isn’t a very good description of your needs and who you are Make finding share home easy and tell the host a bit about you. Where you live or work makes it to reply to someone who really can live in an area.
    Doesn’t matter what your outlook on life is from a party animal to a bookish student. There will be a perfect place.
    Be honest if you don’t like a place and tell the owner why. It might be an easy fix that accommodates your needs

  5. Avatar

    i am actually a homestay place to stay. We never take a bond or ask for money up front. We are in Melbourne and have been doing it for 11 years. We have had the best people stay with us and most dont want to leave. We have a gorgeous 100 yr old renovated home in Melbourne and my husband loves the footy and gets everyone to go to at least 1 game and we also have a boat so he tries to get them out fishing. Sometimes homestay or living with people this way is better than sharing with strangers. The only rule we have is …if you meet someone go to their home…otherwise they come and go as they like. It has worked really well and we have had NO problems in all this time. Just thought you may like an opinion from a different avenue.

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    I have a room for rent and have quite a few flatmates over the years. All have been fabulous people. I suppose the biggest problem I see is that when people say they have busy lives, that is very subjective, as busy to me means rarely at home whereas busy to others means they work and then spend the rest of time at home! I’m amazed that young people in their 20’s that I have had as flatmates don’t do more with their lives e.g play sport, go to the beach, go out with friends, go to the library etc.You only live once so get out there and have lot’s of fun without electronic equipment!And always use a condom if you’re having random sex!

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    – When seeking a good flatmate, find out if they like the same food choices, music, tv shows, sports, social scenes and lifestyles…. If they are compatable you are likely to have a good relationship.

    – You could check them up on facebook or myspace (most people have one) before yousay yes to move in. It gives you a glipse of their real personality, not just the one they are trying to impress you with.

    – When moving into an existing furnished flat. Be fair and make space so they can add their personal effects so they feel like its their home too.

    – Be really clear about house rules. start as you mean to carry on.

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